Implementation strategy tools – Lancet Planetary Health

June 17, 2022

The Lancet Planetary Health published wo practical tools to improve the implementation of cleaner cooking solutions!

Why is this study important?
2.6 billion people use traditional fuels and stoves for cooking or heating, mainly in low-resource settings. This practice severely affects health, the environment, our climate, and gender equality.

Why was this study conducted?
Providing access to cleaner cooking solutions is crucial. Cleaner cooking solutions exist, but the implementation is still generally poor. To avoid future implementation failure, factors that facilitate or hamper the implementation of cleaner cooking interventions were studied. The findings were used to develop two practical implementation tools: the Cleaner Cookstove Implementation Tool (CleanCIT) and the Clean Fuel Implementation Tool (CleanFIT).

What is the conclusion?
A comprehensive approach to the implementation of cleaner cooking solutions is needed. The tools developed in the course of this study will help programmes avoid neglecting important factors, such as capitalising on local needs, financing options, or after-sales support, when designing implementation strategies.

And now?
In collaboration with stakeholders, it is planned to further develop these tools as an inclusive online interactive platform.

Read the full paper (including the strategy tools) here: