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Our Mission

The Dutch Spark wants to contribute to the accessibility of clean and efficient cooking solutions (with a preference for non-fossil fuels) for all, by acquiring and sharing knowledge, creating support, and demonstrating successful concepts in practice (proof-of-concept).


Our Vision

The vision of the Dutch Spark is that by 2030 everyone has access to affordable clean cooking solutions, with the cleanest and most efficient technologies possible. 

Because the cleanest and most efficient solutions are not accessible for everyone in the short term, the Dutch Spark focuses on the most clean and affordable solutions possible for the poorest and vulnerable groups as a first step towards clean options. This means that we aim to make the affordable solutions cleaner and the clean solutions affordable. 

Our Expertise

Clean Cooking Policy

  • Programme subsidies (e.g. result-based financing)
  • Stove and fuel subsidies
  • Tax incentives
  • Social campaigns

Clean Cooking Technology

  • Improved cookstoves (Tier 2-3)
  • Biomass stoves using pellets (≥ Tier 4)
  • Solar cookers
  • Biogas

Clean Cooking Finance

  • Debt finance
  • Carbon finance
  • Result-based finance
  • Subsidies

Clean Cooking Implementation

  • Community involvement
  • Awareness & demand creation
  • Supply chains
  • Business and sales approach
  • Construction and installation
  • User training
  • Post-acquisition support
  • Monitoring
  • Coordination

Clean Cooking Impact

  • Carbon reductions
  • Health impact
  • Gender impact
  • Adoption and sustained use monitoring (data logging)

Involved organizations

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African Clean Energy
At African Clean Energy (ACE), we specialise in manufacturing and distributing the ACE One Energy System, a high quality solar-biomass hybrid, enabling users to cook using significantly less fuel and offering access to electricity for mobile charging and lighting. The ACE Connect package consists of an ACE One coupled with a smartphone with a pre-installed ACE Connect app which tracks the usage data of the ACE One and presents microloan data to customers. The data is uploaded to ACE’s Salesforce-powered digital backend whenever the customer’s smartphone goes online. ACE is scaling the ACE Connect package across its markets. Its unique data capturing facility allows the deployment of the ACE One as an Energy-As-A-Service solution under which customers will pay a monthly fee which will provide them with access to the ACE One, sustainable fuel packages and a smartphone.

BioMassters Ltd. Is a pellet cooking company established in Rwanda in April 2020, setting out to prove that customer-centricity and enormous positive impact can go hand-in-hand with financial profitability. We produce ‘made in Rwanda’ pellet fuel out of biomass waste materials and supply Tier-4 gasification pellet stoves to our customers. In the process of establishing a low-carbon cooking solution with a renewable fuel supply chain, BioMassters creates green jobs, contributes to a circular economy, sharply reduces emissions, reduces the cost of cooking for households and changes lives. We believe that our PAYGO fuel + stove combination is the ‘least-cost, best-fit’ solution for the masses in urban Rwanda and beyond; a truly clean, affordable, sustainable, reliable and modern energy cooking solution.

Bix Capital

BixCapital’s mission is to support and grow markets for high impact products and services, such as cookstoves or water purification systems, through providing impact finance to SMEs and other enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. This improves the livelihood of people at the base of the pyramid and generate significant SDG impact.

Climate Neutral Group

Climate Neutral Group (CNG), founded in 2002, offers carbon footprinting, reduction consultancy, offsetting & Climate Neutral Certification. CNG is a trusted partner for carbon offsetting to complement your company’s carbon reduction program. Our carbon projects will fit your Net Zero CO2 strategy. CNG supported more than 150 carbon offset projects via 3000 clients and has a track record in project development.


FairClimateFund (FCF) finances and implements climate projects. We aim to give low-income households access to cleaner cooking solutions and reforestation projects. These climate projects reduce CO₂ emissions and deforestation and improve the living conditions for people in developing countries. We want to demonstrate that the carbon market can benefit those who are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change in a fair and effective way, using the Fairtrade Climate Standard.

FMO (Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank)

FMO is the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank. Since 1970, we have been a driving force behind investments empowering local entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Entrepreneurs active in the clean cooking solution sector are building innovative ways to transform the lives of low-income customers but are yet looking for ways to reach scale. Via the Access to Energy Fund FMO can play a catalysing role and assist the sector to explore innovative finance models to disseminate clean cooking solutions in a way that ensures true product adoption and regular usage, as well as sustainable new business models for clean fuel value chain.


Hivos is an international development organization guided by humanist values. Together with citizens and their organizations, we aim to contribute towards just, inclusive and life sustaining societies where people have equal access to opportunities, rights and resources. We work in partnership with others in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America on three impact areas: civic rights; gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and climate justice. Our approach is solution driven, and we build wider movements for change by amplifying and connecting voices.

ENERGIA is an international network of like-minded organisations and professionals, active in Africa and Asia. Our vision is that women and men have equal and equitable access to and control over sustainable energy services as an essential human right to development.


Ignite.now has one overall mission: accelerating a structural transition towards clean, smokeless cooking. Clean cooking is one of the most effective ways of mitigating climate warming and simultaneously improving the well-being of millions of families. Better climate, better lives.

We implement clean cooking programs and design carbon credit programs that generate funds. This carbon funding enables the development of sizable projects and accelerates the overall clean cooking movement. Carbon credits are generated by the reduction of CO₂-emissions realized by our projects. Corporates and organizations that are unable to comply with their own set standards of reducing greenhouse gases can offset their emissions with carbon credits. Buying carbon credits from Ignite.now contributes to ten UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Julius Center | UMC Utrecht

Doing research at the intersection of environmental and global health, with a special focus on the impact of solid fuels on human health.

Mimi Moto

Mimi Moto B.V. is the manufacturer of the Mimi Moto cookstove, the world’s first mass produced biomass stove to reach the highest Efficiency and Emissions rating (Tier 4) which means that it is just as clean as cooking on LPG. After the introduction of the product to the market we learned that a clean cookstove alone isn’t enough to make impact at scale. Our mission is to create global impact and local business with a tool and fuel concept which combines a sustainable locally produced fuel and the cleanest biomass cookstove.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Through our development policy the Government of the Netherlands invests in access to renewable energy (both electricity and clean cooking) for the poorest and most vulnerable people, including women. We invest in a fair and inclusive energy transition, offering the prospect of wellbeing, resilience and economic opportunity, and preventing carbon emissions. Our goal is to support 50 million people in gaining access to renewable energy between 2015 and 2030.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Sistema.bio is a social enterprise that provides innovative biodigester technology, training, and financing to smallholder farmers around the world. Our patented high-efficiency biodigesters are prefabricated modular packages that transform organic waste into renewable biogas and organic fertilizer. The biodigesters are easy to install and use, and include a full suite of biogas appliances and connections. Sistema.bio is committed to improving the lives of farmers and operates on a hyper-local level, with sales, credit, installation, and training programs spanning three continents but operating on an individual, business-to-customer basis.


SNV is a not-for-profit international development organisation that makes a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty by helping them raise incomes and access basic services. With a long-term, local presence in about 25 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, we focus on agriculture, energy and water, sanitation and hygiene. In the energy sector, we work with public and private partners in accelerating energy market development for biodigesters, clean cooking and off-grid electricity.


The Dutch Spark currently works in the following regions and countries: