Blockchain: The Key to Quick, Accurate, and Trusted Clean Cooking Carbon Credits?; October 12; Accra, Ghana.

September 14, 2022

October 12, 3:00-4:00 PM; Accra, Ghana. Breakout-room C.

Today, it can take up to two years for certification standards to issue high quality, trusted carbon credits. These long payment timelines can cause cash flow issues for the clean cooking companies supplying the carbon credits and waiting on the associated revenues, but on the demand-side, buyers need external validation that the carbon credits that they purchase are acceptable. Today’s verification processes are time consuming and costly, because they rely on self-reported data from clean cooking companies that need to be scrutinized by independent human experts. Blockchain-based issuance of carbon credits could drastically shorten the time needed for carbon program results verification, and in doing so, could speed up the growth of the clean cooking sector.

This session will allow the audience to learn of the latest blockchain developments in clean cooking from sector experts, provide a platform to share experiences on using blockchain technology in clean cooking, and explore the potential for digital contract management using a distributed ledger.

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